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Fog (by Toffee Maky)
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Longing (by benjaflynn)
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5x7 Lonely cowboy. 2014.
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Monument Valley explored in 8 minutes.
Always testing out new mediums. It helps make art exciting and fun. First time using these markers. Can’t wait to try them more.
#CopicArt #MonumentValley
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Forest Sunset by Eirik Sørstrømmen
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One More Morning - I Can’t Get Enough Of It by Toffee Maky on Flickr.
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Richard Heintz - La collégiale de Nassogne (1928)
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Rally zine out now! 22 pages of cars, girls and tulips, Risograph printed by Tan & Loose. 
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Kodak Ektachrome E100G (by dropletcafe)
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Owen | Declaration of Incompetence

(Source: walls-hum)

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Karwendel #17 (by hannahschmucker)
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(by coolhandluke)
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